The Porelle Journey

The Porelle brand was established in 1985 and has evolved from a manufacturer of membrane for the footwear industry to a full outerwear and accessories solution.

With deep roots into the technical market Porelle has regularly supplied membrane for use in military, medical and emergency services sectors which have demanded the highest performance in specification.

Porelle also manufacture membranes for non-garment use for industrial and scientific markets.

In tandem with the technical offering, Porelle has also continued growth within the outdoor, sports and leisure market, providing a highly desirable and competitive alternative to brands within the mid and upper range of garment performance.

With offices in the UK, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Russia, Porelle supplies membranes on a global scale.

The Porelle Story

Porelle have developed specialist membranes for clients within scientific and industrial markets. This has been due to the steady growth in demand for waterproofing, moisture control, filtration and air permeability, within a range of applications, including electronics, acoustics and conservation.

Porelle can provide bespoke membranes, developed in partnership with customers, to create new products or additional features and benefits, to existing products.

Porelle provides one of the widest range of membranes available today. This diverse range allows our customers to optimize their garments to provide the best solution according to their end user requirement.

Porelle membranes have been tested in extreme military and rescue situations, over months and years, providing full protection in extreme heat, cold, wind and rain conditions.

Porelle manufactures to globally recognised standards, within industrial, emergency services, military, medical, outdoor, sports and leisure markets.

The Porelle testing and product specification in technical markets is generally far higher than the outdoor, sports and leisure industry. Brands and end users can take reassurance that their product has survived the harshest weather conditions, but also the most extreme user activities.

Porelle membranes are designed by our in-house scientists who understand how the body functions, the needs of the end user and the demands from the outdoor, sports and leisure industry.

The Porelle scientists have the ability and know- how to create competitor alternatives as well as new, innovative, cutting edge products.

As new outdoor, sports and leisure activities emerge and grow Porelle continually strive to develop the product range.

In conjunction with the changing market and the development of new fabrics and technical textiles.

Porelle continue to provide a complimentary membrane solution for both technical, outdoor, sports and leisure sectors