PTFE Membranes - Waterproof, Windproof and Heat Resistant

Polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE, is a synthetic material which can be expanded to form a porous membrane that can be laminated to fabric for its waterproof, windproof and heat resistant properties, ideal for fire fighter apparel, sports and leisurewear garments and military gear.

Porelle’s PTFE membranes are combined with cross-linked polyurethane coatings, which penetrates into the PTFE structure.

This enhances the durability of the membrane. This means that after multiple washing, wearing and usage, you’ll still be protected by Porelle’s PTFE technology.

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How is PTFE used?

PTFE membrane is laminated onto fabric and manufactured into apparel for a variety of uses, including:

  • Fire fighting – heat resistance, flexibility and lightweight construction provide performance in the most demanding situations
  • Emergency services – flexible, lightweight and waterproof for comfort and practicality
  • Military use – membranes are flexible, lightweight and hardwearing, plus offer protection against hazardous liquids and resistance to sand
  • Skiing and snowboarding – insulating and waterproof to allow users to enjoy the slopes in comfort
  • Mountain hiking – membranes that provide protection against the elements without compromising on performance
  • Surfing – waterproof, windproof and flexible properties perfect for comfort and protection in tough conditions
  • Our PTFE membrane technology for clothing allows you to carry out physical activity in any weather condition without being hindered by restrictive, uncomfortable or harsh fabrics.

porelle membrane

Advantages of using Bi Component PTFE membranes

Porelle’s Bi Component PTFE membranes are high and low temperature resistant, providing protection for users against extreme environmental conditions that they may be exposed to, during their work or leisure pursuits.

Porelle breathable membranes allow for sweat to pass through to the outer fabrics, to enable easier regulation of body temperature, allowing users to stay more comfortable for longer. The membranes’ waterproof nature prevents water from impregnating the base layers, providing protection for users in the coldest and wettest of conditions.

The breathable and waterproof technology of Porelle’s membranes are also combined with lightweight and comfortable properties to provide a solution that is beneficial in a wide range of situations.

From military and industrial uses to winter and water sports, Bi Component PTFE membranes provide both protection and comfort to allow users to perform at their peak at all times, regardless of external conditions.

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