Protective Inserts for Workwear Gloves

Our adaptable range of inserts will meet demanding application requirements for use by the postal service, rail service, road contractors, forestry, oil industry, private security, cold storage handlers and chemical industry as well other industrial and corporate sectors.

Workwear glove inserts need to be reliable in the various industries in which they will be used. The predominant benefits of Porelle's Industrial Inserts includes protection from extreme temperatures, chemical and viral resistance, wind resistance and durability.

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Engineered for Performance

Porelle inserts are engineered for high performance to provide protection against extreme winter elements in cold, wind, rain and wet conditions.

In use porelle inserts are durable, lightweight and flexible, highly breathable and comfortable, and wash resistant at 60oC with options that are flame, heat and chemical resistant.

Porelle inserts are compliant with a range of test and glove standards that are important for industrial glove applications.

Examples include:

  • Compliant with requirements of EN 420 for Protective gloves.
  • Can exceed 10,000 mm water column on both seams and face according to standard EN 20 811
  • Compliant with requirements to for resistance to common chemicals as specified in ASTM F903 or EN IS0 6530 standards
  • Compliant with EN 511 for protective gloves against cold
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