Anti-Static Membrane

Porelle manufactures anti-static membranes for use in a range of products to combat static discharge. Through dissipating harmful static charges anti-static membranes reduce the risk of explosion in hazardous atmospheres (ATEX environments). Anti-static membranes help to prevent injury in situations involving the hazardous build up of static electricity.

This is crucial for the oil, gas, and chemical industries where static build-ups can have serious consequences. For more information about the benefits and features of our anti-static membranes, complete the contact form below with your query or visit the Contact Us page for local office details.

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Electrostatic Discharge Protection

Electrostatic discharge is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects, caused by contact, an electrical short, or dielectric breakdown. Static discharge can have a range of catastrophic negative effects, including gas, fuel vapour and coal dust explosions in the workplace, as well as permanent damage to or failure of solid state electronics components such as integrated circuits.

Anti-static agents and anti-static coating on our membranes suppress any initial electrical charge, safeguarding workers from a range of hazardous situations. Not only does the Porelle membrane form a protective layer from dangerous static discharge but also it is comfortable, lightweight, breathable, waterproof and highly adaptable to any situation.

Anti-static membranes help to reduce the risk of a static discharge between equipment and the user, providing higher levels of safety in dangerous or sensitive locations. Porelle’s anti-static membranes can help to protect not only staff, but equipment and materials in hazardous situations, by preventing static build-ups which can go otherwise unnoticed and cause industrial accidents.

The design and implementation of Porelle’s membranes make them suitable to a wide range of industries and applications, providing extensive protection in many scenarios.


EN 1149 Standard

Porelle anti-static membranes conform to industry standard EN 1149-3.

EN 1149 is the European Standard for garments that protect against electrostatic discharge. This material is used in industries where there is a risk of explosion, such as petrochemical refineries and fuel distribution companies. EN 1149 work-wear uses conductive thread woven into the fabric to offer electrostatic discharge protection. The anti-static membrane from Porelle provides the same properties, but the anti-static technology is incorporated into the breathable moisture barrier.

The anti-static technology is located in the membrane of the laminate and not in the fabric, meaning that the membrane remains a sealed, protective layer, even if the face material is damaged. The anti-static membrane also enables a wider choice of fabric for consumers and keeps the wearer safe from static discharge.

Porelle’s anti-static membranes can be supplied to garment makers in rolls of material to allow for a practically-limitless range of applications, from gloves and masks to protective full-body suits. Being supplied to garment makers in a convenient, malleable form makes the membranes ideal for adaptation to any industry or application as they can be attached to any type of fabric needed, whether lightweight and breathable or hardwearing and weatherproof.

Not only can our anti-static membranes be fitted to any garment you require but our network of international offices mean that we can fully recognise the needs of your business, wherever you are based. With offices in England, Hong Kong, Moscow and Shanghai we are able to provide products to meet your local needs across the globe, as well as being able to visit you and to deal personally with you and your company. For contact details for our many international offices, visit our Contact Us page.


Features and Benefits

  • Anti-static defence: 109 to 1012 Ohms per square.
  • Protection against extreme winter elements: cold, wind, rain and wet conditions.
  • High quality material: durable, lightweight and flexible, low noise, highly breathable and comfortable, wash or dry clean, resistance to acids, alkalis and petrochemicals.
  • Performance to international standards as a fabric laminate: EN1149, EN1149-3.

To find out more about Porelle’s anti-static membranes, their applications in the workplace and their supply to garment makers worldwide, complete our contact form below or visit the Contact Us page to speak to an agent near you.

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