Flame Retardant Membranes

Fire fighters face an enormous number of hazards and challenges in their work. From tackling building fires and dealing with chemical spillages to rescue operations and road traffic accidents, their job is a varied and dangerous one.

Because of these dangers, the uniforms they wear and equipment they use must be protective and stand up to the conditions they are subjected to. Porelle manufactures flame resistant membranes that are used in fire-fighting apparel around the world, providing much-needed levels of protection and durability.

Porelle produces fire retardant membranes that are used in fire fighting clothing, including fireproof jackets, fire fighter gloves and other fire retardant accessories.

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Benefits of Porelle Membranes for Fire Protective Clothing

Worldwide, fire fighters are exposed to life-threatening hazards and rely on the protection that fire retardant fabrics offer. Having been in the technical membrane industry for more than 30 years, Porelle has developed advanced membranes that provide the following benefits for fire fighters:

Porelle fire resistant membranes are blood borne pathogen, viral and chemical resistant, remaining durable and lightweight for long periods of time, perfect for extrication gear.

Our technical fire fighter membranes have a solid structure, acting as a moisture barrier that is highly waterproof, whilst remaining flame and heat resistant. High waterproofness levels ensure the user is dry at all times.

A breathable membrane help to dissipate sweat from the wearer, helping them to stay comfortable in the harshest conditions.

Not only do Porelle’s membranes provide excellent protection, but are also hardwearing and durable, able to keep performing well under the toughest of conditions – benefitting the fire fighters and also providing a cost-effective solution to the issue of protection.

The comfort of fire fighters is also paramount when considering their equipment and, as such, Porelle’s membranes have been designed to have minimal impact on the wearer’s movement. Both lightweight and flexible, membranes offer solid protection without affecting performance, whilst the waterproofing prevents clothing becoming saturated and heavy and also dissipates sweat effectively.

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Membranes For Fire Fighters’ Gloves and Clothing

Supplying international manufacturers of turnout gear and extrication gloves. Porelle works to maintain the standard of membranes we supply to these customers, whilst ensuring our products’ performance for fire fighters in action. We proudly invest in continual research and development in order to keep improving our products, to provide better protection to the world’s fire fighters and to help improve the manufacturing process for garment producers.

All of our fire retardant membranes meet international standards, such as NFPA1971 and EN659 for gloves and EN469 for garments, when laminated to fabric, and we strive to keep our quality high.

The National Fire Protection Association is the authority on fire safety and is used as a benchmark when measuring the performance of fireproof materials. Fabric manufacturers are reassured by this mark of excellence and, along with our unwavering customer support and product development, Porelle is the perfect partner for developing your flame retardant clothing and accessories.

As providers of fire retardant membranes across the world, we also have global offices in Europe, Moscow, Hong Kong and Shanghai with staff ready to help with your local needs and queries. For more information about Porelle’s membranes, and for details of your local office, visit the Contact Us page or complete the contact form below.