Military Outerwear Protective Membranes

Probably the most extreme performance requirements. Porelle membranes have been used by numerous military organisations worldwide. With this background you can have confidence that Porelle membranes not only meet user requirements, but are also a proven technology in the field.

Whether it is the army, air-force, navy or special forces Porelle membranes can be tailored to meet specific user requirements offering both protection against the weather elements and the working environment.

army group

Features and Benefits

Protection against extreme winter elements and conditions

Cold, wind, rain, wet or high humidity environments.

Protection against the working environment

POL (petrol, oil, liquid) resistant, DEET (chemical insecticide) resistant, flame resistant.

Performance in use

Durable, lightweight and flexible, low noise, highly breathable and comfortable, wash or dry clean.

Performance against key test standards as a fabric laminate

  • Waterproof in excess of 10,000 mm water column after washing,
  • Ret breathability data < 1 for membrane,
  • Ret data breathability < 4 for 2 ply laminate,
  • Ret breathability data < 8 for 3 ply laminate,
  • Pass – 40oC cold crack flex tests, and many other test parameters…




chemical resistant


viral resistant





sniper in water