Membranes for Workwear

Our extensive and adaptable range will meet demanding application requirements. Used by the postal service, rail service, road contractors, forestry, oil industry, private security and chemical industry. Porelle membranes are engineered for high performance outerwear.

Porelle Industrial membranes are designed for outside and extreme environments; wind, rain and severe temperature resistance are features needed for a variety of industrial markets that Porelle supply to. The lightweight, flexible and tactile design of the membranes allow for maximum comfort for the user over prolonged periods of time.

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Features and Benefits

Protection against extreme winter elements:

Cold, wind, rain and wet conditions.

Performance in use:

Durable, lightweight and flexible, low noise, highly breathable and comfortable, wash or dry clean, resistance to acids, alkalis and petrochemicals. 

Performance to international standards as a fabric laminate:

  • EN343 – protection against foul weather,
  • EN 471 – high visibility,
  • EN 368 – resistance to penetration by chemical liquids, and many other standards.




chemical resistant


viral resistant





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