Porelle Inserts For Technical Gloves

The Porelle technical inserts range has been designed specifically for use in technical gloves. They have been extensively used by leading manufacturers of:

  • Fire-fighters gloves
  • Search & Rescue/ Extrication gloves
  • Police Crowd Control/ Riot gloves
  • Military Combat gloves
  • Military Cold and Weather gloves

Technical Gloves

The user requirements of a technical glove have to be met by a balance of competing design parameters. The glove must not restrict the wearer's ability to perform a series of complex tasks, but at the same time must provide high levels of protection against a number of potential hazards, as well as maintaining wearer comfort in use.

Porelle inserts have been developed with this criteria in mind. Sandwiched between the outer and inner glove components Porelle inserts are designed to offer added levels of protection without compromising the glove performance.

Porelle Inserts - Designed for Protection

Vital in tasks performed by the user Porelle inserts can offer protection against:

  • Extreme weather elements
  • Viral and Blood borne pathogens
  • Chemicals (common acids and alkalis)
  • Petroleum and oil based liquids
military gloves

Porelle Inserts - Designed for glove performance

Vital to glove performance Porelle inserts are:

  • Extremely Light and Flexible
  • Durable - designed to be integrated into the glove without tendency to pull-out or slip when in use.
  • Heat and thermal resistant - Porelle inserts are compliant with the requirements of the NFPA 1971 standard for use in structural fire fighter gloves.

International Standards

When used in technical gloves, Porelle technical inserts have been specifically developed to be compliant with the performance requirements of international standards.

Key test standards include

  • Liquid Penetration resistance - Porelle inserts are compliant with requirements for resistance to chemicals as specified in ASTM F903, EN ISO 6530 and in testing to EN20811 achieved waterproofness levels > 10,000 mm on both seams and face following washing/ drying cycles in accordance with EN ISO 6330.
  • Viral Penetration resistance - Porelle inserts are compliant with the requirements for resistance to viral and blood borne pathogens as specified in ASTM F1671 and ISO 16604.
  • Durable - Porelle inserts are very durable during use and when donned and doffed, significantly exceeding liner retention test requirements specified in the NFPA 1971:2013 edition.
  • International Glove Standards - Fully compliant with the requirements stated in NFPA 1971, EN 659 and EN 420 standards. Our Porelle FR and Porelle PTFE inserts are also independently tested and certified by SEI to the NFPA 1971:2013 standard.
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