Waterproof and Windproof Membranes for Motorcycle Gloves

We recommend our unique microporous polyurethane inserts for use in motorcycle gloves where the key requirement is for protection against extreme wet, cold and wind in prolonged conditions. 

These extreme weather conditions can affect users riding abilities, having detrimental effect on their performance and possible safety. Investing in Porelle's reliable, durable membranes will not only protect the user but allow them to enjoy a soft, tactile and quiet pair of motorbiking gloves.

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Dry comfort and warmth in extreme weather conditions

Dry comfort and warmth in extreme weather conditions Porelle microporous membranes are based on a hydrophobic polyurethane polymer with a structure that is made up of many small interconnecting micro pores less than 1 μm in diameter.

The term hydrophobic refers to materials that repel water. So in extreme wet conditions the Porelle microporous membranes are very effective in repelling outside water, particularly over prolonged periods. 

This ensures insulation of the inner layers within a glove maintaining dry comfort and warmth.

In testing microporous membranes can exceed 10,000 mm water column on both seams and face according to standard EN 20 811.

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Comfort in different weather conditions

At the same time the membrane breathes by allowing sweat in the form of vapour molecules to pass through interconnecting micro-pores that are 100 times smaller than a water droplet. This process ensures that the micro-climate within the glove is controlled and comfort can be maintained over a range of different weather conditions.

Glove fit, dexterity and grip

We offer insert shapes in different sizes with a range of gauntlet length options or if required we can offer a bespoke service with insert shapes based on your own specific requirements. The aim is to ensure a good match between the insert shape and the 3-D design requirements of your gloves for improved fit, dexterity and grip.

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