Breathable, Windprood and Waterproof Membrane

Porelle® air sport is an air permeable and breathable membrane that creates the best opportunity for sweat to escape, whilst maintaining comfort and protection from cold and wet conditions.

Air Sport has been created to provide the highest levels of performance in all-weather clothing from one membrane.

Porelle® air sport is extremely waterproof, windproof and lightweight, sheltering the body without the disadvantage of heavy, energy sapping equipment.

This is the air flow through our porelle® air sport membrane compared to a competitor membrane:

competitor analysis porelle air

ski jumper

How is porelle® air sport used?

Adventurers of the outdoors continually push themselves to achieve greater challenges, regardless of wind, rain, and snow. Their demand for clothing that enables continued success in conquests helps to further our advancement in innovation.

It is widely accepted within sports and leisure that the standard for waterproofness is a hydro static head of 10,000 and a breathability level of 10,000. Air Sport easily exceeds these levels with a hydro static head greater than 10,000 and a breathability level of 160,000. By over achieving in protection performance, with such staggering parameters, we believe porelle® air sport will provide the confidence in knowing,

that whatever the weather condition and however physically demanding the activity, porelle® air sport will always perform and succeed in providing exceptional all-in-one protection.

Through rigorous testing we know porelle® air sport is durable, withstanding regular washing whilst maintaining high levels of waterproofness. Many competitor products loose waterproofness over time, not only through washing, but also through the build-up of body oils, sun cream and other oil based contaminants. Oleophobic properties, built into porelle® air sport technology repel oils and grime, preventing the loss in waterproofness.


Experience freedom like never before. Take to the slopes and discover our insulating weatherproof, breathable protection.

desert walking

Protection day and night in the toughest of environments - Porelle gives you the freedom to travel wherever your heart leads.

extreme conditions camping

Protecting you and your equipment from the most extreme elements, day and night.

mountain walking

Conquer your fears and tame the mountain. Porelle’s wind, snow and rainproof membranes provide all the shelter you need.

woodland cycling

Dry in winter and cool in summer, perform at your best all year round with industry-leading breathable membrane technology.

extreme conditions sleeping bag

Providing you comfort and warmth during sleep, to prepare you for the challenges of the day ahead.

Porelle® Air Sport Technical Information

  • Air Permeable – 0.6 ASTM D737
  • Waterproof – >10,000 static Head JIS L 1092 A1
  • Windproof  – Extreme Windproof
  • Breathable –  >160,000 JIS L 1099 B1
  • Lightweight – 18 g/sqm
  • Oleophobic – 8 AATCC 118-1989
  • Comfort – Softness, dryness, warmth
  • Composition – PTFE

Porelle® air sport using n - Aire technology by TTG

There is a growing demand for high breathability and comfort in outerwear. porelle® air sport fulfils this need without reducing other equally important levels of protection, creating the ultimate choice for outerwear performance.

porelle air diagram



air permeable


comfort / warmth

fell running

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