Lightweight Waterproof, Windproof and Breathable Fabric

Porelle Extreme is a lightweight membrane that offers exceptional all-round performance. During extreme physical sports you need every ounce of energy for the challenge ahead so carrying and wearing heavy protective equipment can drain energy levels and prevent you from performing at your peak.

The Porelle Extreme membrane has been designed for full feature equipment, minimalist gear, and lightweight pack up. Living up to the expectations of the most extreme sports, Porelle Extreme is a waterproof, windproof, breathable and lightweight membrane yet remains soft and comfortable for the adventurer.


The membrane for all weather protection

Porelle Extreme is a breathable membrane designed and engineered by scientists who understand how the body functions. Combined with our extensive research into the needs of consumers within both professional sports and extreme active leisure pursuits, Porelle Extreme gives you the confidence in protection to complete any challenge safely.

Amongst the many benefits of Porelle Extreme membranes is its ability to work with the body, allowing sweat to continually breathe through the lightweight membrane and evaporate, whilst maintaining warmth, comfort, and protection from heavy rain and wind.

  • Extreme Waterproof – >20,000 Hydrostatic Head JIS L 1092A
  • Extreme Windproof – Retains body heat and warmth
  • Extreme Breathable – >120,000 JIS L 1099B1
  • Extreme Comfort – Softness, dryness, warmth
  • Lightweight – 25g m2
  • PTFE – Bi - component





comfort / warmth


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Porelle Sports and Leisure Divisions

Sports & Leisure membranes from Porelle; lightweight, breathable and highly waterproof for use in activewear apparel and gloves.