Breathable and Waterproof Membrane

Porelle hydrophilic membranes are available in 3 different technology options: polyurethane, TPU and cross-linked membranes.

Porelle hydrophilic membranes have a solid structure that physically stops water passing through the membrane. They breathe by absorbing and dissipating sweat through the diffusion of water vapour molecules. The chemical structure of the membrane is made up of hydrophilic (water loving) groups that attract water vapour molecules. Driven by greater heat and water vapour density, the water vapour molecules move from one hydrophilic group to the next (somewhat like stepping stones).

Porelle hydrophilic membranes are available in different thickness options ranging from 12 to 40 microns.

hydrophillic membrane


Porelle sport

Porelle Sport is a family of hydrophilic membranes that are: lightweight, quiet, flexible and durable.

Just like our own skin Porelle Sport is: extremely waterproof, but can also breathe.

Porelle Sport includes a range of membranes (12 - 40 mm in thickness) designed for use in active apparel. Each membrane offers a number of performance benefits, but are also tailored to meet enhanced requirements for specific apparel applications:

  • 12 or 18 μm membrane: lightweight and highly breathable for use in garments
  • 25 μm membrane : low noise and extremely waterproof for use in gloves
  • 25 µm membrane: durable and extremely waterproof for use in footwear
  • 25 µm membrane: low noise and very soft for use in hats

Porelle Sport differs from TPU films available in the market. It is not an extruded or blown film, but produced using a novel coating process designed and developed in-house. It remains consistently waterproof in use due to its unique uniform structure. It is a soft tactile membrane that lacks the crinkle effect often associated with other films. It has been proven to be extremely easy to handle in adhesive or flame bonding lamination processes ensuring high productivity yields.


Have you seen our microporous membrane Porelle Dry?

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Porelle is breathable

When we work hard we sweat. This creates a micro-climate inside the garment. If the sweat becomes trapped inside the garment it can quickly form a wet layer leaving you feeling clammy and hot when you’re working hard, then becoming cold as you cool-down.

Porelle Sport controls the micro-climate inside the garment by absorbing and dissipating sweat through the diffusion of water vapour molecules. When you work hard Porelle Sport breathes, keeping you comfortable.

Porelle sport is waterproof

When laminated to a fabric Porelle Sport can achieve waterproofness levels in water column tests in excess of 10,000 mm. It will retain this performance after multiple wash cycles.

Porelle Sport has a solid structure that physically stops water-droplets and wind passing through the garment. Rain, snow, or wind. The membranes waterproofness does not however, impede its ability to control the microclimate within the garment and allows water which accumilates as sweat, to escape the garment leaving the user dry whilst retaining temperature control.


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Sports & Leisure membranes from Porelle; lightweight, breathable and highly waterproof for use in activewear apparel and gloves.