Hydrophilic Membranes – Waterproof and Breathable

Hydrophilic membranes, meaning simply those that love or attract water, are a key part of protective clothing worldwide, and one of the areas that Porelle specialises in.

Waterproof membranes are used in a range of situations, from winter sports and athletic equipment through to emergency service uniforms and industrial clothing. Porelle is one of the biggest and most trusted providers of these waterproofing membranes for many industries, owing to their protection, durability and adaptability.

By absorbing and removing water and sweat, these membranes provide waterproof and breathable qualities to any material, keeping users both dry and warm in even the toughest conditions.

Porelle’s hydrophilic membranes combine innovative technology with a solid structure that gives them many benefits when used by waterproof material manufacturers.

These breathable and waterproof qualities make hydrophilic membranes ideal for use in harsh conditions and when doing strenuous activity. Greater comfort and more protection from the elements allows wearers to perform at their best all the time, whatever they’re doing.

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Benefits of Porelle’s Hydrophilic Membranes

Not only are Porelle’s membranes useful for keeping wearers warm and dry, but they can also be easily adapted to suit any application. From coats and gloves to shoes and overalls, membranes are malleable enough to be worked into any design, and are also made durable and hardwearing to reduce costs and wear and tear for users.

Lightweight and long-lasting too, Porelle’s membranes provide the flexibility and protection needed by users to perform in demanding situations, whilst optional UV resistant and fire retardant qualities make them ideal for use in even the most extreme industrial and emergency conditions.

Porelle operates globally to provide the highest quality membranes to garment manufacturers and users wherever they are based, and whatever they do. With offices worldwide we are able to address your unique local needs and to provide staff to assist you wherever you are based.

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